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Creating A Greener And Healthier Barbados through Tree Planting

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Through various tree planting initiatives, Antilles Outdoor has contributed to the beautification of Barbados’ landscape while simultaneously promoting food security.

Palms Along the Highway:

In collaboration with the Barbados Government, we planted thousands of palm trees along Barbados’ highways in the early 2000’s. These palms, now 20 years old and thriving, have become integral elements of the island’s scenic roadside landscape.

Fruit Trees in Public Areas

In association with the Trees That Feed Foundation, we have donated and planted fruit trees in public areas like highways, the National Gymnasium, schools, and more. These fruit trees were grown in our workshop and fed using harvested rainwater. Most of the fruit trees we are growing today will be donated to the ongoing Barbados Trailway project.

Fruit Tree Giveaways

Our favourite giveaway for social media competitions is, as you could probably guess, fruit trees! By bringing these trees into homes and neighbourhoods, we empower individuals to enhance their surroundings in a way that will reap tangible rewards for generations.

Give us a call at 420-2020 if you would like to get involved in any future tree planting initiatives. Also check out the Future Centre Trust to learn about other ongoing sustainable development projects in Barbados.


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