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A Project Close to Our Hearts: The Barbados Trailway

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Antilles Outdoor has supported the Barbados Trailway since its inception, as the project truly reflects our commitment to alternative transport and community-oriented infrastructure.

A Trailway Champion

Our founder, Barney Gibbs, is also the main advocate for the Barbados Trailway project. Barney has driven the development of the Barbados Trailway through his chairmanship of the Future Centre Trust, the leading environmental charity in Barbados.

Providing Shelter and Inspiration

We donated a jumbo bus shelter structure near Valley Plantation's parking area. This shelter offers rain protection for trail users while showcasing interpretative signage and local artwork. It serves as a gathering place that inspires and informs.

Nurturing Nature's Bounty

To support food security and environmental sustainability, Antilles Outdoor is donating thousands of fruit trees to the Barbados Trailway. These trees, nurtured with rainwater collected at our workshop, will provide shade and fresh produce along the trail, benefiting both users and surrounding communities.

Give us a call at 420-2020 if you or your company would like to learn how you can also support the Barbados Trailway and the Future Centre Trust.


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