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Adopt A Stop Becomes Antilles Outdoor: A New Chapter in Caribbean Out-of-Home Advertising

Updated: Jan 7

[Bridgetown, January 3rd, 2023] – Adopt A Stop, the pioneering out-of-home advertising company operating in Barbados, St. Kitts and Sint Maarten, is embarking on a strategic rebranding initiative that will see the company evolve into Antilles Outdoor. This transformation reaffirms the company’s commitment to providing socially conscious public transport infrastructure while embracing new opportunities and technologies.

Established in 1991 by social entrepreneur Barney Gibbs, Adopt A Stop has been a trailblazer in the Caribbean, starting with bus benches and eventually expanding its product line to include solar and jumbo (large-format) bus shelters. The company's regional network of premium street-level displays offers local and international brands a unique advertising opportunity.

The solar bus shelter, designed and built in Barbados, was the first bus shelter in the world to harness solar energy, entirely off-grid, to power back-lit signage at night. USB charging ports, powered by the same solar structure, were then added to the shelters to increase functionality for the traveling public. The Mother’s Day promotion that saw the naming of all bus shelters after Barbadian women’s names was also a novelty when launched, and the initiative was so popular that it continues to this day.

As the company embarks on this rebranding journey, the change in name and logo reflects a continued commitment to innovation and a renewed focus on expansion into the broader Caribbean region, building on the success achieved in St. Kitts and Sint Maarten. The rebranding does not alter the ownership structure or the company's ethos.

"The Barbados model bus shelter has served the island well for 30 years, and we want to incorporate technology, functionality and regionality so that they 'edge-cut' into the future. The name change reflects this embrace." said Barney Gibbs, founder of Adopt A Stop.

The rollout of the rebranding will take place over the coming weeks. Antilles Outdoor looks forward to this exciting new chapter.

Media contact: Barney Gibbs

Phone: 420-2020


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